Meylan is the creative side of Roke Studio. As the son of a biologist, Meylan grew up in Michigan with a curiosity and respect for nature. With summers spent at a Puget Sound marine biology station, he found many opportunities to explore and study the outdoors. He began carving when he was 10 years old and went on to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Andrews University with a minor in sculpture. Meylan’s early career was spent in commercial editorial photography and home remodeling. Eventually, the passion for sculpture was greater and Roke Studio began.

Business Manager


Terri is the business side of Roke Studio. She grew up a military brat with deep Southern roots so it was a shock to all when she met and married Meylan (a DIY from Michigan). Her professional background is the corporate world – mostly in IT and operations. The creative aspect of Roke Studio for Terri comes from thinking of new ways to get the word out about Meylan’s work.



Mila the dog is the mascot of Roke Studio.

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